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Maintenance-Free Misting Systems for Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

Wipe out mosquitoes with the automatic misting systems from COASTAL MOSQUITO CONTROL in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina. There is no need to carry big equipment and go around your property to kill mosquitoes. We carry easy-to-use devices that are maintenance-free. Just install the nozzles and it automatically does its job in eliminating those annoying insects. 

Misting Nozzle


The MistAway™ automatic mosquito misting system is very effective and convenient because it kills every mosquito around the area. If you want a healthier way of eliminating mosquitoes, you can request to put a 100% natural compound on the misting systems.

MistAway™ Systems

We carry MistAway Systems, which is one of our most popular products over the last few years and is considered as the most advanced misting treatment to date. Depending on what type of unit you get, the system will shut down if it senses a leak and send us a code so we can fix it. To learn more about this innovative system, visit MistAway

How the Misting System Works

Through the custom-installed nozzles, the system sprays a very fine mist of botanical insecticide that spreads around the perimeter of your property. When the mist settles on different areas, it will kill any mosquito that comes into contact with it. Our system is programmed to activate twice a day for 30 seconds each. This happens during dusk and dawn, when mosquitoes are active, while other insects like bees and butterflies are dormant.

Notable Features

The misting system comes with a remote control that allows you to increase or decrease applications so you can customize it according to your needs. Its ingredients come from chrysanthemum flowers, called pyrethrins. When rapidly degraded by sunlight or rain, it leaves your property free of residue, making this a family and pet friendly solution. Pyrethrins have plant-based origins, so insects do not build up resistance to it.

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