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Controlling the Mosquito Population with Barrier Spraying 

COASTAL MOSQUITO CONTROL in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina, offers barrier spray services to eliminate all pesky bugs and insects in your home. This mosquito control treatment spreads a mist that penetrates deep into thick vegetation, killing even those that eat the plant roots.

Protection Against Bugs

Barrier Spraying is a three-week service that diffuses a protective wall around your yard to eliminate annoying pests. Approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this treatment is kid and pet friendly, and is more affordable than using bug repellants or citronella candles. Our trained exterminators will apply it on your trees, shrubs, foliage, and other outdoor areas.

Kills All Present Mosquitoes

When you hire us, the barrier spray will virtually kill all mosquitoes present at the time of the treatment. It creates an invisible barrier that lasts up to three weeks. This means you are safe to do whatever you want outside without worrying about bugs and insects biting you or your kids. You can also arrange for an automatic three-week return service throughout the mosquito season.

Barrier Spray

Roof and Spray Treatments


For a bulk service, you can get seasonal treatments. On the other hand, single treatments are better for special events, which are also considered water treatments with larvicide.

Tips for Proper Mosquito Elimination

Even with our barrier spray treatment, it is still very important to take proper action that will help eliminate mosquitoes. Usually, they live less than 300 feet from where they were born. They breed in stagnant water that is even as small as a bottle cap. Here are some tips in controlling or reducing the mosquito population:
• Be Sure to Remove All Standing Water Around Your Yard Change Your Pet's Water • Bowl and Bird Baths Frequently Check Old Tires, Cans, and Jars, for Water
• Add Pumps to Ponds and Water Fountains.