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Eliminate Fire Ant Colonies with Ant Control

Effectively eliminate fire ants on your property with COASTAL MOSQUITO CONTROL in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina. We perform ant control treatments that remove these harmful bugs without hurting your plants and surrounding areas. We evaluate your yard and advise you on the treatment that suits your needs.

90-Day Treatment

One of our control services includes a 90-day treatment that eliminates the fire ants from your lawns and shrubs. Since the treatment is done outside, you do not need to be at home during its application. We perform this four times a year for all-around protection. While we have other treatments available depending on the situation, this is the best one for you.

Origin of Red Fire Ants

Red fire ants came in the United States around the 1930's from their native South America through the port of Mobile, Alabama. By residing in the soil used for ship's ballasts, these fire ants were able to thrive and spread all over the country.


Looking for Fire Ants

Even if you do not see fire ants in hot and dry conditions, they are still very active. Ant colonies are not making mounds because the soil is hard and dry, so they nest deeper in the ground during the day. Worker ants come out during cooler parts of the day or night to forage. Keep an eye out for ants during these times to see if you have a problem.

Sudden Sprouting of Ant Mounds

After a day of soaking rain, there is always a sudden sprouting of new fire ant mounds, which is normal for the ant colony. Even if they are on the move when rain softens hard and dry soil, soft soil is what accelerates mound building. A majority of what goes on is underground.

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Watch Out for Mounds

Typically above ground mounds can be up to 15" high, while a mature colony can extend up to 5' in depth. New mounds can sprout like mushrooms after a rain. However, it is important to target the colony itself during extermination rather than just the mound, because that is only the tip of the iceberg. If you see a big mound on your property and think you have an ant problem, contact us today and we'll be happy to help.